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A Gift for the Last Holiday Season Ever


Do you love the holidays? Do you love shopping for the last holiday season ever? Fantastic. Apocalypse Cakes: Recipes for the End, is the book for you. Including 30 recipes for treats such as BP Oil Black Bottom Cake, Toxic Waste Dump Cake, Global Warming Hot Apple Pie and other delights, this diabetic tomb is available on until we all drown in an epic sea of warm trash.

Get your copy here, now.



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Get Apocalypse Cakes Recipe Cards in Houston

Want Apocalypse Cakes Recipe Cards but live in God’s D-listed, east Texas rapture pick-up stop? Visit Domy Books in Houston and get your End Times recipes today!

OR, get your set online here.

Apocalypse Cakes Recipe Cards

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Get Apocalypse Cakes Recipe Cards on Etsy

Click on the image to go to the Apocalypse Cakes Etsy store.

Apocalypse Cakes Recipe Cards on Etsy

If you’re in Austin, you can also get them at Domy Books.


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Get Your Apocalypse Cakes Recipe Cards in Time for the Holidays

Apocalypse Cakes Recipe Cards are now on sale! Get yours now before all your friends get sucked up by god’s Christmas rapture vacuum and you’re left behind in a pool of radioactive roaches and curdled egg nog.

Buy your set now at Domy Books: 913 E. Ceasar Chavez, Austin, TX 78702.

OR, tell us you want some and we’ll see what we can do. Write to

Apocalypse Cakes Recipe Cards


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Music to which One Would Bake an Apocalyptic Easter-themed Cake

Between hunting for synthetic eggs and microwaving Peeps®, please enjoy some of the music that’s inspiring the next exciting (Easter-themed!) apocalypse cake.

1. I Have Forgiven Jesus – Morrissey[MP3]
2. Graveyard – The Yeah Yeah Yeahs[MP3]
3. Night of the Living Dead – The Misfits[MP3]
4. If It Had Not Been for Jesus – Blind Willie Johnson[MP3]
5. Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death – Scout Niblett[MP3]


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