CONTEST: Name the Swine Flu Cake, Win This Chocolate Pig!

Could This be Your Chocolate Pig?

Will you name the swine flu cake?

The person who comes up with the name of the Apocalypse Cakes swine flu dessert will receive this exotic bacon-accented Vosges chocolate pig in the mail AND see his or her cake created and published in Apocalypse Cakes.  To enter, follow these steps:

1. E-mail your swine flu cake title, your name and mailing address to One entry per person.

2. Write “Swine Flu Cake Contest” in the subject line of your e-mail.

The contest ends 11:59 p.m., Friday, May 22nd, 2009. The winner will be notified via e-mail and the resulting cake will be created and posted in June 2009.


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21 responses to “CONTEST: Name the Swine Flu Cake, Win This Chocolate Pig!

  1. Man! I wish I had an idea. I would love that chocolate pig.

  2. ahrcanum

    You can’t have your pig and eat it too. Or can you?

    Aporkalypse chocolate cake….looks yummy. only kills your waist line.

    comment me back if winner!

  3. mark

    please pal, pop a paltry piece of poxy pastry party pig cake

  4. Riffing off of “Death By Chocolate” how about:

    Death By Piglet

    Death By Pig-olate

  5. sharona

    swine flu snout pig

  6. Hari

    How did the pig get on top of the Tower? (The Swine Flew)

  7. Nubu

    With the risk of sounding chilidishly stuck in the back seat: Are we there yet? Will we soon see the name of the scrumptiously piggy pig-cake? Or won’t it be announced officially till the cake has been produced? We’re writhing in agonising excitement!

  8. apocalypsecakes

    The winner has been selected. We’re preparing the post and mailing the prize pig. The winning submission will be posted in early June.

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  11. woopwoop

    errrr swiney cake? or ouch cake!!

  12. Thank you! just what I need to read right now…

  13. Divya

    how about ‘oink’?

  14. Nice post, I have bookmarked it. Thanks

  15. How about the “the swine flew caked”?

  16. It look so yummy. You make me really hungry by putting this pictures 🙂

  17. Is that a chocolate pig??? Looks funny

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